Monday, 18 August 2014

My favourite possession

Morning! My first blog yesterday seemed to go quite well and was seen by 44 people so I have decided to continue with it and post some more! At the moment I am drinking my tea in bed thinking about getting ready for work and I am typing this blog on one of my favourite possessions at the moment which is my Tesco Hudl.  I bought it earlier in the year and I absolutely love it! Its compact and does everything you need a tablet to do, tablets are so clever, I remember being impressed with the laptop when it first came out as to the fact it was portable compared to the desk top computer, but the tablet to me is even more impressive, I have to say technology never fails to amaze me and I feel its an exciting time in the "technology world" waiting to see what they are going to  come up with next. I also have an iPad but I'm afraid my Hudl is my favourite and every morning at 6.30 my husband wakes up to the initial Hudl starting up sound! If someone said I could go to an island and take one item then for me it's my Hudl, as long as there was internet of course! What is your favourite possession? Does anyone else love the Hudl like I do? Well it's now time to start getting ready for work I suppose, don't you just love Monday mornings!

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