Monday, 18 August 2014

Insurance renewal quotes

You get to that time of year when you receive your insurance renewal quote, either for your car or home.  The next step is to spend all weekend on your computer or Hudl searching for a better price because you can guarantee your quote has gone up even though you haven't claimed. After trawling through all the comparison sites you eventually find a better deal than the one you have been offered! You phone your existing company like I did yesterday to tell them you are leaving them only to be told they will look for a better offer.  Why on earth didn't they quote you the "better offer" price in the first place, and that would have saved me wasting my weekend getting a headache searching for new quotes.  If you are reading this and work for an insurance company then please feel free to explain it to me and everyone else who experiences this problem. I did once ask the question but the reply confused me even more! Now it really is time to go to work so I will be back later!

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