Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A week without my son

Today sees the start of my sons "lads holiday" to Malia, yes 6 of them are off on a club 18-30 holiday!  It doesn't seem a minute ago since he booked it and here we are the day of departure.  I said my goodbyes to him last night as he stayed at his mates house and yes I was an emotional wreck!  I only have the one son and he means the world to me, yes he annoys me at times but he is a typical 18 year old and I love him to bits.  He does need to learn not to leave everything to the last minute, I told him I needed all his washing by Friday and finally got it 8.00pm Sunday night and then he wondered why it wasn't dry by first thing Monday morning!  Up until lunch time yesterday his passport was still in the drawer! At least its looking hot where he is going, its averaging 30C compared to 15C here. That's another thing you worry about then, telling him to make sure he puts plenty of sun cream on so he doesn't burn!   I know he will have a great time but that doesn't stop you worrying about him, I just want him to get there and back safely and enjoy it! Has anybody any tips for me about how to stop worrying for the next week or is it just a "mummy" thing!

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