Thursday, 21 August 2014

Company Gimmicks

Don't you find that companies are very clever with the gimmicks they use to get you to buy, or sign up to their products. A true example was at the show yesterday, there was an insurance company there encouraging you to have a go at "crack the safe" to win £10,000, it involved you having to guess the 6 digits to open the safe.  The chances of you winning are tiny but you couldn't just walk up and have a go, you had to fill in your contact details first.  Very clever marketing, if they had just asked you for your details for nothing in return the majority of people would have said no! Another example is the Pembrokeshire Lottery, they always have a stand at these events encouraging you to sign up to the lottery, in the past you have seen people walking past and not stopping, myself included.  This time if you sign up they are offering you a free plastic purple piggy bank and the chance to see if yours has a £10 note in it, even if it doesn't you get to keep the piggy bank.  When I walked past yesterday there were plenty of people signing up and guess what, yes me included! Yes I did it to get the piggy bank. It just goes to show how clever marketing and gimmicks really do work.

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