Saturday, 23 August 2014

I love my electric Yankee Candle Burner

I love it when the nights start getting darker and it's time to close your curtains and light your candles and there are so many fantastic different types of candles and candle holders which are now available out there.  I have to say my all time favourite has to be my Yankee Candle electric burner, I had it for Christmas last year from my husband and I absolutely love it.  Not only does it look nice but the smell you get from from the tarts are just fab.  It is so simple to use, you just place a tart on the top of the unit, switch the burner on at the wall and let the tart burn.  Each tart burns for 8 hours so you can either burn the tart in one go or over a couple of days.  For my birthday earlier in the year my parents bought me a selection of 24 different smelling tarts and I have to be honest and say upto now I haven't found one that I don't like the smell of.  Once you have bought the initial burner then the tarts are only £1.25 each which to me is brilliant value and you find that for several days after the tart has finished burning you can still smell it in the room.  If you love scented candles then I would suggest this product.  Does anyone else have a favourite Yankee candle product? 

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