Saturday, 21 February 2015

Retail Therapy

So much for not wanting to wake up early this morning, I heard my son leave for work at 6.30am and then that was it, yes I was awake! Isn't it funny how 6.30am on a weekday you are just feeling so tired that you can't possibly think about getting up for work, and yet 6.30am on a weekend has a totally different meaning. By 9.20am I was fed, watered, showered and changed and my husband and I left for Trostre Retail Park in Llanelli. It was a great journey there and we arrived at 10.10am. The car park was already pretty full, but in all fairness Trostre has over 2000 parking spaces and the good thing is that they are free! The sun was shining although there was a cold wind but that didn't bother us as the shops were lovely and warm. We started one end of the shops at BHS and made our way round to the other end where you finish with Tesco Extra. We called in most shops, not all of them as some are specialist ones such as EE and Thompsons Holiday, although it was tempting to call in and book a holiday, I think that's why we carried on walking past! I was surprised at the number of shops still selling off some remainder of Christmas items, Boots had some gift sets 1/2 price and BHS had a display of Christmas bits and pieces that were left over. I have to say there were some good sales on, especially in BHS and Debenhams. It was also nice to see all the summer clothes and shoes are now out, it makes you feel good especially with the sun shining as well. We also called into Pets At Home whilst we were there as we have a tropical fish tank so we went to look at the fish, I must say there were some lovely ones there but we felt that an hours journey home was too much for them so we will call into our local store in Haverfordwest. My husband loves going into Pets At Home as he loves looking at the "furry animals" I must say there was a rather scruffy looking grey guinea pig which we did fall in love with. Regarding spending I was very good, I did treat myself to some Winnie the Pooh pyjamas from Asda which were £13, and I also bought some cards from Card Factory and also a box of 40 walkers crisps on offer for £4 in Tesco's. The final thing I bought was 3 Karcher wash and wax sachets £4.60 each for my pressure washer from B&Q! I can honestly say that in my head I spent an awful lot more! It was then time for lunch, the one advantage of Trostre is that there are plenty of places to eat, we decided to opt for KFC and we shared a Family bucket which we thoroughly enjoyed, at first it didn't look like you got a lot, but we were wrong as we certainly were both full by the end of it. After spending 3 hours at Trostre we were then ready to head home as we didn't want to get caught up in the Scarlets rugby match traffic. We arrived home safe and sound at 2.30pm after having a lovely time at Trostre, a quick clean of the house and then it was time to nip to Sainsburys in Tenby and get a few bits that we needed. I have to say I am a Tesco shopper usually but Sainsburys sent me 4 weeks of vouchers where if I spend £30 I get £6 off, an offer too good to miss. Heading to the checkout is one of those moments where you are thinking "have I done it, have I reached £30" well the answer was yes, as I reached just over £33 so with the £6 off I only had to pay just over £27 so the voucher was worth having! I have got 3 more weeks of vouchers to use and then at the end of it I have a voucher to get an extra 500 Nectar points, I have no idea how much they are worth but they have to be worth having I'm sure! So then it was time to head back home and unpack the shopping, my husband Gareth is cooking me tea while I catch up with writing my blog. Tonight I think we are just going to crash out and watch a film. Plans for tomorrow include cleaning the fish tank, ironing, Sunday lunch at my In Laws and then rehearsals. We are both members of our local amateur dramatic society and in May we are performing Thoroughly Modern Millie, Gareth is the main male lead and I source the props as well as being secretary. Its through this society my husband and I got got together, Gareth was playing the part of the Pirate King in Pirates Of Penzance but I will tell you this story another time as I have to go now as my tea is ready. Its been lovely catching up with you and I'll be back again soon. x

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