Thursday, 26 February 2015

My stay at Bluestone in Narberth Pembrokeshire

After finishing work at 5.00pm we threw a bag into the boot of the car and headed off for our stay at Bluestone in Narberth.  On arrival, check in was clearly marked and there are 4 windows, which, when a window is available it's number lights up for you to move to. We checked in and then we followed the one way system round to find our cabin.  You can't check in before 4.30pm which seems late to me, or if you did want to check in earlier then it would cost you an extra £40, or £60 for early check in and you can choose what of the park you want to stay in.  You can enter the park earlier and use the amenities but just not check in to your accommodation before 4.30pm.  You can park your car outside your cabin until midnight but then you have to take it back to the car park at the main entrance, this is a major negative to me I'm afraid as its a good 10 min steep climb back to the car, and if the weather is bad then basically you are going to get very wet, cold and blown away if the winds are like they are at the moment.  There is a complimentary minibus which you can pick up anywhere around the park or you can hire a buggy but at a cost, I think i'm starting to see a pattern emerging!  My first impression of the park was how big it is and the "village" certainly looks impressive, we intend looking round there tomorrow after work and possibly even dining out.  The accommodation itself is very spacious and open plan and consists of a double and twin room and a wet room. I have to say I have sat on comfier settees and watched bigger TVs, especially when you are left a message on there, and have to go right up to the screen it to be able to read it, the cabin is also starting to show some signs of wear and tear i.e handles missing off furniture,  a ripped paper TV control holder with no leaflets in it also when you use the kettle the steam shoots out of the handle and the cooker isn't brilliant and only contains 1 shelf, apart from that its not bad at all. Some positives are that WiFi is provided free, you can check in online and also the cabin we are in has an interconnecting door so a larger family could all be together, however saying that people have just moved in next door and we are aware they are there as we can hear them. We have also just discovered a sealed bag on the drainer with dishwasher tablets and cloths etc. in which is a nice idea.  I have just woken up after having a good nights sleep, there is a vent round the back of the cabin which has decided to bang in the wind, I didn't hear it in the night but I can definitely hear it while I am lying here having my tea and toast in bed. I'm about to have my shower before getting ready and then I'll need to head off in search of my car, I can hear it's incredibly windy so I just hope the rain stays away! I've just left work and returned back to Bluestone, I walked past parents trying to push pushchairs up the steep hill and could hear a little girl saying "I can't walk any further" and getting very upset. We have just gone exploring around the park and I can honestly say I'm very impressed, the village is lovely with a nice selection of shops and there is a lovely pond just behind. Our bargain buy was a Chinese meal deal reduced in the shop so that's tea sorted!  As we carried on with our walk we headed over and had a drink in the blue lagoon.  Again another lovely place to visit.  I have just looked through the brochure and didn't realise there is so much to do here but yes you've guessed it, at a price. My only main concern with Bluestone is the cost. A week in the summer for 4 costs approximately £1300 but with activities, food and all the extras on top you could be looking at £2000 for a family of 4. Extra prices include things like £17.50 for 45 mins basic maid service and £27.50 for 1 1/2 hours maid service including linen change. I know this isn't unique to Bluestone as other similar places also charge as much, and obviously people are happy to pay it as the park is currently busy.  Overall I can say I have really enjoyed my stay here at Bluestone, the staff are all very friendly and you're never short of things to do. My verdict is park/amenities 10/10 value for money 4/10. Top suggestions: let everyone park outside their cabins and stop charging for extras or lower the main accommodation price.

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