Sunday, 22 February 2015

My weekend!

I couldn't believe it this morning; I opened my eyes, looked at my clock and saw 9.00am staring back at me, talk about a change from yesterday when it was 6.30am! I hadn't had a particularly late night as I was in bed at 10.40pm so the only thing I can put it down to was the warmth and comfort of my Winnie The Pooh pyjamas which I bought from Asda yesterday, my body had obviously decided that on this wet, cold and windy Sunday morning that we were not going to be separated before we needed to be. So what did I get up to last night? Well Gareth and I snuggled up on the settee sharing a pack of white chocolate cookies which we had bought earlier from Sainsbury's, and I must say they were very Moorish. Whilst munching our way through these Gareth rented the Equalizer starring Denzel Washington for £4.49 from iTunes and it was money well spent. Gareth is a massive film fan and he always says that his favourite actor has to be Denzel and I can certainly see why. Unlike Gareth I am not a big film fan but I am getting better, when I first starting going out with him 10 years ago I used to watch films in 5 parts as I kept falling asleep. I am however getting a lot better and I thoroughly enjoyed the film last night, I stayed awake and at no point did I even attempt to go on my Ipad or hudl so the film really did have my 100% undivided attention. I did find it a bit gory at times for me so there were moments when I had to close my eyes or briefly look away from the screen but at no point did this spoil it for me, I just don't like seeing blood and to be fair there was quite a lot of it in this film! The last film I saw Denzel in was The Flight which I also thought was brilliant so yes I am also becoming a big fan of Denzel's, and after seeing him on Graham Norton a while ago he comes across as a person with a great personality and he certainly has great acting skills. Please feel free to suggest other films he has starred in which you think I would enjoy! This morning really is a lazy Sunday morning, but saying that I have had my breakfast, showered, got dressed, done some washing and ironing and I have also started packing for a stay at Bluestone in Narberth which starts tomorrow evening. Gareth has been given the opportunity to stay here for 4 nights. I have never been here but I have heard good reviews and it has been compared to Centre Parcs which again I have never been to due to the cost. My sister has stayed at both Bluestone and Centre Parcs at Longleat and she says that they really are as good as each other so I am really looking forward to my stay. We will finish work at 5.00pm tomorrow evening and then make our way over; it is only 20 minutes away which means we can both still commute to work easily. I love nights away and you don't always need to travel a long distance to experience them, sometimes we forget what beautiful places we have here on our doorstep. However I will keep you posted how I get on at Bluestone! I must get on now as I have a machine full of washing that needs to go on the maiden, I have a fish tank to clean, rehearsals to attend and in between all this I have Sunday lunch at my In Laws to enjoy! Catch up soon! x

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