Thursday, 4 September 2014

When was the last time you cried?

I am an emotional person and can cry quite easily at most things, I even cry when someone in Eastenders or Coronation Street is getting married! It's important to cry, I know some people see it as being soft but it's not, even the hardest of people cry at some point in there lives. So back to my question when was the last time you cried? For me it was just over a week ago when my son left for his holidays, I could feel it building it up and at first I tried to hold back the tears but then I just let them go. I believe crying on that day showed and confirmed to my son I love I have for him, just like I was in floods of tears when he passed his theory test and then his driving test and not forgetting of course the day he was born! Crying can be a sign of happiness as well as misery and I think it's important to remember that.  Other times in my life when I've cried has been at work when patients have been rude to me, and also at funerals, again I try and hold back the tears but why? If that's the emotion inside of you then there's nothing wrong in showing it, other times also include when I came off my first cruise, I had enjoyed it so much I didn't want to leave the ship and likewise coming home from DisneyWorld the same happened again. At the time you feel a bit embarrassed but you shouldn't, crying to me just proves that you are human. 

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