Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My favourite ........

Each week I am going to tell you about my favourite ......., it could be place, restaurant, film, make of car etc and to start me off this week I'm going to tell you about my favourite supermarket which is Tesco http://www.tesco.com.  I have to be honest and say I used to shop at Asda, every Saturday afternoon my husband and I would get in the car with our shopping bags (as you have to pay 5p each here in Wales) and we would head off to a place called Pembroke Dock which is about 20 minutes away. I have nothing against Asda and I would probably say it's now my 2nd favourite store.  Why change to Tesco then I hear you ask, well the answer is online shopping, and before you say anything yes I know Asda provide on line shopping as I have used it several times, but after trying out Tesco's I realised I much prefer their site, the main difference is that they give you the offer start and end dates unlike Asda did and also the web site is clear and simple to use  I have to say on line shopping is a god send to me as I work full time so I don't particularly fancy spending my weekend having to travel and shop, and why pay petrol to get there especially the current cost of it when you can have it delivered for as little as £1.  I have never had a bad experience with Tesco either in store or on line and of course as previously mentioned in my blog page, I love the Tesco Hudl. But it amazes me how many supermarkets there are, I can honestly say I'm not a fan of Aldi or Lidl and the Coop I find expensive, but not as bad as when I stayed in the Lake District and shopped in Budgens, I thought they had made a mistake and put my shopping through twice! At the end of the day they are all much of a much and yes on TV it will show a product cheaper in Asda than Tesco, but likewise there will be a product in Tesco which is cheaper than Asda which they haven't shown and so on. I also think  self service is brill to use in store, especially when you can see a long que in front of you and you are only buying a couple of items, usually milk, but my current favourite thing which is in place is in Tesco in Carmarthen is where you go around with your own barcode scanner, it's great to use and I hope all stores follow suit with it! I  know some of you will read this and agree with me and others will disagree, but everybody is entitled to their own opinion and wouldn't it be boring if we all thought the same!

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