Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A must have on your your Christmas list

Pandora http://www.pandora.net its a name I have heard of but didn't know a lot about and I certainly didn't realise the popularity of this company until last year. Christmas morning 2013 I opened a present, which inside contained the most beautiful white box and inside this box was the most stunning bracelet. Yes it was a Pandora bracelet. For those of you who don't know, the idea of a Pandora bracelet is that it can either be worn on its own, which personally to me looks a little bit bare or there are the most amazing charms which you can buy to go on it. The charms start at approximately £25 and then go into the higher price range especially if you want one that contains gold in the design. There are charms available for all most every occasion and that's what I love about them, you can personalise your bracelet which is what I am currently having fun in doing. I love crusing so I have a cruise ship charm, I am involved in Amateur Dramatics so I have a theatre mask charm, others I have include a bride & groom, a son, a camel, the dragon zodiac, my birthstone, an angel and recently I went to France and my In Laws bought me a beautiful red, white and blue charm, so like I say there really is a charm for every occasion. They can be bought at any time of the year but it's nice to have one bought for you at Christmas time, Birthdays, Anniversary or this week my niece bought my sister one because she has gone to Uni, and she wanted something special to give her mum. My only disappointment with Pandora is they bought out a beautiful essence range but the charms don't fit the existing bracelet I have which means you would have to buy another bracelet, not a good move in my eyes Pandora! The bracelets come in different sizes which is a big advantage as I only have a very small wrist, which usually limits me in what bracelets I can wear but this means I can get to wear a stunning one.  I was also very excited when a Pandora shop opened in Carmarthen last year which tied in with me having my bracelet for Christmas! I remember I was in Cardiff last year Christmas shopping and I glanced across and saw a que so long they had to put barriers out for the que to zig zag around, and I then discovered it was the Pandora shop! I have never known such a demand for an item, saying that my mum, sister, niece and several of my friends all now own a Pandora bracelet as well.  Due to the value of them especially with the charms I do like the fact you can buy a safety chain which is one of the first items I bought and also you buy spacers which again I have 2 of, they help keep the charms in sections so they don't all bang against each other.  Not only do I love the charms but I love the presentation boxes they come in and also the bags, you can see in the photo below how beautiful the presentation is. It really is a lovely feeling to come out of the shop and walk around town carrying a Pandora bag, trust me!

It's amazing how many times you hear Pandora mentioned in people's conversations, only this week at our local auditions I was sat next to a young man and woman and they discussed most things, including Pandora bracelets! Recently they launched an annual charm which is a beautiful silver box and inside the box is a heart.  I remember on the lead up to the launch they asked people to guess what was in the silver box.  This is a charm which I would love to have on my bracelet.  So to sum it up, Pandora to me spells out:


During this blog I have been describing to you what my bracelet looks like, well now it's time to show you so here it is.

Doesn't it look fabulous and don't forget Pandora also sells rings, earrings and bracelets which are all just as beautiful as the bracelets and charms. The great thing is once your bracelet is full then you can start again on another one! 

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  1. I love Pandora too, and a bracelet is up there near the top of my Christmas list! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested