Saturday, 4 October 2014

People's behaviour

I can honestly say that I am appalled by some people's behaviour.  It can either be something that someone says or something that someone does, things which spring to mind include the state people leave holiday homes, hotels rooms, B&B's etc.  What gives someone the right to walk out of somewhere and leave it in a dirty disgusting condition? I have cleaned holiday homes for a number of years and on the whole people do respect them and leave them tidy, but unfortunately on the other hand I have seen how some people leave them. The question you ask yourself is "are their own homes like this?" Another issue is the comments people leave on social media, I have just been looking at Twitter and a company asked a simple question, which just required a simple straight forward answer, but no, the comments being left by people are appalling, they are related to the company, not the question asked, which still doesn't excuse the replies which are being left. I don't know if these people think they are big and clever but in my eyes they are far from that. Some people think that the louder and ruder they are in life, the more they achieve. I work in a GP's surgery and I can assure you that the ruder someone is too me, the less helpful I am to them. It is a form of bullying and people think they can bully their way through life. Another example is when you go abroad and some Brits think it's funny to give foreigners a hard time and often in their own country, I've experienced things abroad in the past and I can honestly say I've been ashamed to admit I'm British. Litter is another major issue, what do people think rubbish bins were designed for? There is nothing clever in just dropping rubbish wherever you feel the urge, and the sad thing is that these people are bringing children up to witness their behaviour, which then leads to them thinking that this is the correct way to behave.
So come on the British people who behave in this appalling manner, clean up your act, you're not looked upon as funny, clever or big, I can assure you that the rest of the British population and other countries look upon you with pity and think "thank goodness I'm not like you!" 

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